Carlyle’s Playlists

Carlyle Norman had many incredible talents and one of them was certainly her ability to pick great music. Music was a form of celebration for Carlyle and she loved to celebrate. Over the years I discovered many incredible artists because of Carlyle and now I would like to share some of the her favourite artists with you.

I will be posting her playlists from her iPod Nano, which she had with her on the Torre Glacier in Patagonia. I will also be mixing her favourite songs into my videos.

Here is my first instalment.


ipod Nano Playlist;

Playlist Name: #1
Fnyc   Kelly McFarling
King of Diamonds   Motopony
Abbie Martin   Joshua James
Sky Blue Sky   Wilco
Reunion Tour   Weakerthans
Stall Tactics   The Two-Minute Miracles
(Bit Part)   The Wooden Sky
Skies of Grey    Po'Girl
Walk On   Neil Young
Monster Ballads   Josh Ritter
Everything Is Wrong   Kelly McFarling

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