Carlyle’s Playlists– Instalment 2

My brother and I have shared the passion for rock-climbing since we were teenagers. Even though he made choices that drew him away from climbing, he remains an avid climber and devoted ‘adventurer’. So every year we make plans to climb together.

I was lucky enough to spend a week with him in June, climbing around Boulder CO. It was an opportunity to reconnect and discuss some of the bigger questions in life — death and loss, love and life, sex and girls…
After a couple days of climbing, I asked him if he wanted to share some of his thoughts about our friend Carlyle Norman, he was a good opportunity to put him behind the lens.

As with my previous instalment, I used a song from a playlist which is from Carlyle’s iPod Nano. You can find it below.

Produced: Joshua Lavigne
Climber: Delano Lavigne
Music: Joshua James

Playlist Name: #1

Fnyc Kelly, McFarling
King of Diamonds, Motopony
Abbie Martin, Joshua James
Sky Blue Sky, Wilco
Reunion Tour, Weakerthans
Stall Tactics, The Two-Minute Miracles
(Bit Part), The Wooden Sky
Skies of Grey, Po’Girl
Walk On ,Neil Young
Monster Ballads, Josh Ritter
Everything Is Wrong, Kelly McFarling


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