Indian Creek

I just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Indian Creek and the Utah desert. This was my sixth trip to the ‘Creek’ and it still fills me with the same awe and wonder as the first time. The physical climbing, desert climate and dirtbag living all seem to purify the body and soul. I usually leave broken and bruised and this trip was no different.

Balance, that’s the secret. Moderate extremism” Edward Abbey

All Photos By: Joshua Lavigne

Heading home

Delano enjoying ‘the crack’ a little too much.

Lydia Marmont hiking the uber-classic ‘Scarface’

The standard ‘Creek’ tape job. Day 1

Delano Lavigne trying hard to make his hands fit. Sometimes smaller is better!

Lydia Marmont enjoying splitter thin hands.

One Response to Indian Creek
  1. Anonymous
    June 5, 2011 | 3:03 am

    Great pan shot on that lead climb. I want more!