Polar Star Couloir — Possibly a Dream

I spent the last 2 weeks in Baffin Island, on a working holiday. Some of the days felt like work — as they should– and others were work, but in a special way. The Polar Star couloir is over 3600 ft tall, a dramatic feature, cleaved in the granite by the will of Pressure and Time. Seducing any skier that passes below it’s cathedral walls.

At the beginning of the trip — before the main crew arrived — Josh Helling, Andrew Wexler and I made sure to check the snow conditions in couloir. We left our base camp, set below the Great Cross Pillar — a behemoth of rock which stands as a citadel on the north-western flank of the Walker Arm–. and we step across cracks at the edge of the ice and climb into the arms of Beluga Spire. We climbed for 3 hours, punching a track through the upper walls, to a col below the summit.

For a moment we stand soaking up the sun, looking across the jagged horizon with the walls crashing into the sea. We are suspended, in the moment before we start falling.

Possibly a dream.

The Mark Synnott description of the Polar Star Couloir
FD: Andrew McLean, Bard Barlage, April 29th, 2002
Possibly the best skiing couloir on earth and worth a trip to the area on its own , Defines perfedcdt couloir skiing — long. narrow, turnable. steep. sheltered, straight ,and stunning. 1100 m (3, 640 ft) of 45 – 50′. Located on Beluga Spire and lined with vast rock walls on either side.

By Joshua Lavigne

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