Something new and a story about Carlyle Norman, 1982-2012

Welcome to my new WorderPress site. If this is the first time visiting, awesome. You will find videos, photos and maybe even some inspiration. I have decided to start working with WordPress and I am looking forward to switching over to this platform. This platform will offer me additional methods — on one site — to share my adventures.

In my first post I would like to share with you a personal story.It is a short story about a trip I took to Patagonia in January. I went to Patagonia to say goodbye to my dearest friend and companion, Carlyle Norman, 1982-2012. Little Bear, one of Carlyle’s most trusted friends and one of the bravest of the little polar bears, accompanied me on this trip. He told a great story.

I dreamed of my death.  
And looked upon my recently departed vessel with indifference.
And now I have discovered that our dreams change us and I awoke different from when I had gone to sleep.
The dragons have left and what they have un-covered follows me through my waking life.
I learned that death had escaped my dream.
It followed me ever patient, ever watchful.
Always at a distance
My once unbearable fear had taken on form.
It became my loyal friend. –Carlyle Norman–



One Response to Something new and a story about Carlyle Norman, 1982-2012
  1. cs
    May 9, 2012 | 7:23 pm

    Awesome tribute!

    Nice to see you posting and filming again.